Cookery Classes for Students and Teenagers, Nottingham

A choice of 5 different beginner level classes for 1 or 2 students - just book your own date with a trained chef.

Learn to Cook in Nottingham - Nottingham School of Cookery!

I have taught many students over the last 9 years from schools such as Twycross School, Nottingham High School [for Boys and Girls], Minster School [Southwell], and schools in Oakham and Stamford High School - some of them for the Skills Section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Set menu cooking classes available for teenagers/students who need to learn to cook simple meals.

Choose from simple bread making, basic pasta making [tagliatelle, lasagne], easy Indian curries, Oriental with Basic Knife Skills and Mexican cooking.

Book your own date at £85 per person for a half day class [based on 2 students booking together, under 21s]

For INDIVIDUAL, one to one tuition using the above list of SET MENUS at basic level cooking - book your own date at £105 per person for a half day class

These classes are for Teenagers and Students aged 14 to 21 years old with limited cooking experience who just want to learn to cook basic meals in preparation for leaving home/university.

Also available is a Beginner Baking class where students learn to make a classic Victoria Sponge with cream/jam, Filled Mini Meringues and Italian Focaccia Bread at £95 per student [based on 2 booking together].

These are SET CLASSES not bespoke menus or skills. Bespoke classes [where you make a list of what you wish to learn] cost more as a new class has to be planned every time for every person. If you want to choose dishes/skills outside the usual class schedule then please ask for a quotation.

Telephone: 0115 8376196, Email: info [at] Mobile: 07845 591182