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Many teenagers who have done these classes have come from Nottingham High School for Boys, Minster School, Nottingham High School for Girls, Loughborough Grammar and Twycross House School - particularly those doing cookery as the chosen skill for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Learn to Cook in Nottingham - Nottingham School of Cookery!

Students make and taste a 1-2 portion quantity of each dish at class so that they all do all skills individually themselves [please note that they do not have time at class to prepare all the ingredients to make a large amount of food to bring home for the family supper]

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Classes available on Wed-Fri dates at the price listed - occasional Saturday classes are also available outside Feb-Apr but these are usually reserved for adult lessons

Minimum 2 student bookings only for one-off lessons. Individual lesson bookings are only available for DofE or 3+ class option.

12-18 year olds are charged at £75. Please note that anyone 19 yrs+ is charged at £95

The Learn To Cook hands on cookery and skills courses are a series of modular hands on classes aimed at teenagers [aged 12yrs+]. The courses take place in a relaxed, fully-equipped home kitchen with maximum attention given to students. Each student will undertake many cooking techniques individually over the different sessions and work as part of a team in the kitchen. Appropriate knife skills are included.

Nottingham Cookery School - Nottingham!

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Some of the parents who have sent their sons and daughters on my cookery courses have sent this feedback.........................

Hi Sarah. I've been meaning to drop you a line to say how much James enjoyed the course, as you know at that age to get them enthused about much can be a bit of an uphill struggle! He was saying how much he enjoyed a number of the dishes. After a bit of badgering I encouraged him to make us the chicken thighs with homemade pesto for supper the other evening and I was most impressed with his garlic chopping skills. The end result was delicious and we are looking forward to some of the other recipes and new ones when he gets round to cooking for us all. Thanks again. Jennie

Thank you for the wonderful things you did with the boys on 4th and 6th Aug. Eamonn said he learnt a lot and you are a very good teacher. Eamonn's knife handling and chopping skills are quite impressive after the 2 sessions, though he did say that my knife was not as good as yours. He's even been describing the way to shell and clean prawns to our friends. Eamonn had a trial run on Monday in preparation for the camp cooking for leaders. He chose the chicken, vegetables, bananas etc and kept within the budget of £20! He had to buy enough to feed 5 hungry boys and 2 adults. We had a very nice stir fry noodles with chicken and lots of colourful and crunchy veg. Kind Regards Anne

Hi Sarah. David really enjoyed himself and has come back telling us that he is going to sort out our fridge and teach us how to cut properly! We have agreed that he is going to prepare one meal a week for us. He starts on Tuesday!! Thank you so much for all you have done. David was a reluctant starter but came back so enthusiastic - many thanks!! Lesley

Dear Sarah, Robert and Emma were both shattered by the end of the day but they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and cooked the chicken stir fry on Tuesday which was fab especially the cut vegetables. Emma is keen on learning more about meat so maybe for her birthday in September she might choose to have that as a present? Many thanks for teaching them so much - I know it will stand them in good stead for the future. Kind regards Caroline

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the days that you have done so far with the kids. They have really enjoyed themselves and were full of enthusiasm when they got back. I am very impressed with Katherine's knife skills - she diced a tomato as a demonstration within seconds......They are looking forward to doing some cooking for us so that is great........I hope you enjoyed it as much as they did. Thanks again. Ailsa Abbott

Hi Sarah. Thank you for the feedback on Will's course. He seems to have enjoyed himself and I am looking forward to trying more of his cooking. I think the course is probably better split into 2 as I think concentration would have lapsed if they had to concentrate for all the days on the trot. Thanks again. Kirstie Jackson

Nottingham School of Cookery - Nottingham!

Dear Sarah, Will and his friends were certainly all very enthusiastic when they got home and clearly enjoyed the days immensely. I was really impressed with the amount of recipes you managed to cover with them and would like to thank you very much for putting so much into developing, running and supporting the course - it is very much appreciated. I felt I had to drop you a line this evening as Will is, as I write, preparing a courgette salad for us all - I never thought I'd hear the words "oh great we've got courgettes" on opening the fridge door to peruse the contents!! Well Done!! I know that they are all looking forward to practising what they have learned and coming back to you in October. I have forwarded your email to Will so he can drop you a line independently if he needs any help with the work you have set. Thank you again for all your hard work. Kind regards, Bridget Allen

Hi Sarah, Rohan really enjoyed the days and I can't believe how many different dishes you taught them. He was very positive each time and I will definitely be getting him to practice on the dishes he has learnt. I know he did particularly enjoy the tasting sessions. Regards Ameeta Rana

Hi Sarah. George finishes school today and we’ll be pulling together a shopping list of ingredients to recreate some of the dishes he has most enjoyed with you. I must say thank you for your persistence with George, who initially lacks confidence in his own abilities but was shining through by the end. He has thoroughly enjoyed the course and is much more confident to have a go. He was delighted to receive the news this week that his application to go on the school expedition to Vietnam next October had been accepted, and his cooking skills will come in handy for the charity work he will do out there. Of course he will need to do lots of practice in between! Regards Kathy

And here's some extracts from the teenagers comments about the courses............

I feel that throughout the course I learned so many different things from knife skills to seasoning separate dishes. I have enjoyed it a lot so thank you Sarah and Jon. Katie

All the things I wanted to achieve were hopefully accomplished. Tsunwan [who listed 4 things that he wanted to achieve and achieved them all]

I would now be more willing to cook new types of food and be confident in how the food will taste.Will J

I think I am now more confident in preparing meals and chopping. During this course I have learnt a lot about nutritious food and have enjoyed it very much. Rohan

I hoped to gain confidence in cooking and learn to cook a range of meals. I think I achieved this. Harry

I now have several dishes that I would be comfortable making. I also grasped some handy skills in the kitchen and have a better understanding of how to prepare meat and get the most out of my food. Will A

I wanted to learn to cook and prepare different meals for myself and dinner parties. I found that when you buy a whole chicken you can use more of the chicken. I think the knife skills are also very useful. Katherine

I enjoyed the variety of preparation of dishes. Learning knife skills was good because it meant I could use them at home when cooking my own food. Florence

This was a fantastic experience and an effective introduction to cooking, (taken as part of my Duke of Edinburgh). I was quite new to cooking, and the course covered a whole range of cookery fundamentals and gave me a much better understanding of food in general. George

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