Chilli Cooking Tips & Recipes

If you are looking for books about chillies then look no further. Below is a list of some useful chilli cookery books with links to options to buying the books.

Also featured are some of the books available that tell you how to identify different chillies and give you pictures of chillies to help you along. I have added a few thoughts about them where possible as these are books I have used as a reference in creating my own chilli courses.

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The Hot Book of Chillies

by David Floyd

Packed with information about chillies. Great illustrations, useful chilli information, unusual chilli recipes - provided by people who work with chillies every day! Try the Chilli Cheese Straws or Hot Juan's Dry Rub recipe or a Doro Wat. There is also a special chilli con carne using numerous different chillies and a Thai Chilli Sorbet!

If you are interested in chillies or simply just enjoy spicy cooking then buy this book! If not - it makes a super birthday or Christmas present for someone who likes chillies. Very highly recommended!

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Too Many Chillies

American Dave DeWitt is known to some as The Pope Of Peppers!

This book is extremely useful for the chilli pepper enthusiast [particularly those who grow chillies and want to know what to do with the chilli pepper harvest]. It is full of tips for storing and using chillies, making chilli sauces and general chilli information.

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The Chile Pepper Encyclopedia

Dave DeWitt again - for the truly comitted chilehead this book is a must!

A little heavyweight [not for the faint-hearted as it is not full of colourful pictures]. This book is packed with information about lots of varieties of chilli pepper, details on where they come from plus recipes.

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The Great Chile Book

Mark Miller's great book - this has simple descriptions and pictures of a lot of the most commonly found varieties of chilli.

A fantastic easy reference for identifying your chillies! Very useful for anyone who cooks with chilli peppers.

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