Nottingham Cookery Courses, UK

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A small, informal, Nottingham COOKERY SCHOOL where YOU CHOOSE THE DATE of the COURSE - there is no pre-arranged schedule - THE CLASS IS ALL YOURS!

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Learn to Cook in Nottingham - Nottingham Cookery School!

Individual cooking lessons and courses for 2-6 people - just book a date and come when you are free!

A range of classes that will help busy cooks with planning/advance preparation and to speed up preparation times. Also options for those who need/want to eat a more healthy [but still delicious] diet

At Courses For Cooks I offer tailored cookery classes for individuals, friends, couples or small groups. Choose to learn skills and techniques such as Chefs' Knife Skills, Understanding Spices and Seasonings or Learn to Fillet a Fish. Learn to cook Vegetarian Indian food, Restaurant-style Indian curries [including using a restaurant Tandoor oven], Thai cuisine or Tapas or recipes for Asian Street food. Move on to Fish preparation and cooking. YOU CHOOSE the date - only a few classes are scheduled. Also available are baking classes where you can learn to make artisan bread.

I also offer a range of different restaurant-style RECIPES - so if you specifically want to learn how to make a Madras-style curry just like an Indian Restaurant would make it or a professional Tandoori Chicken Tikka - there is a vast range for you to choose from.

If learning SKILLS is more for you then you can to learn to use professional chefs knives, or perfect your knife skills further with a fillet a fish class or bone out a bass, or spatchcock and joint a chicken. During the game season you can bone and stuff a game bird - so there are lots of Skills-based classes to choose from too.

Courses for Cooks - Cookery School - Nottingham!
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